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Every breakup or divorce has its challenges—but no matter what your separation currently looks like, or what you’ve been through, you can make positive choices, reduce your stress, lighten your emotional burden, and create a brilliant tomorrow!

Eveline Jurry is passionate about sharing her revolutionary 5-step Positive Separation Method™ to help you get your life back on track―and, as you can see, the Method is traveling the world!

It’s your turn to receive the practical wisdom of Happy Again―and share it with the people you love!

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A QuickStart to Your Happy Future

Are you (or is someone you know) in the middle of a breakup or divorce?
If so, you might be asking yourself, “Will I ever be happy again?”
The answer is a great, big “YES!” … but only if you choose it, and work at it.

Your happy future won’t magically appear. You have to create it.
And that’s what this FREE QuickStart Guide is all about.

Download your "QuickStart Guide to Your Happy Future!" 

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Q: What is the Positive Separation Method?
A: The Positive Separation Method is a hands-on Plan with Five distinct Steps. Each of these Steps includes intentional, concrete actions that will help to: minimize daily chaos; keep energy elevated so one can get through daily tasks; work with difficult emotions; connect to a vision for a new, happy life; meet immediate and long-term goals; and stay empowered through what may be one of the most challenging times of one’s life. The Method brings everyone involved hope for a new future.

Q: Who is the Positive Separation Method for?
A: The Method is applicable for both men and women that are going through a breakup, separation or divorce but want to come out on the other side stronger and happier. The Method is used by individuals and professionals who like to support their clients in a positive, structural and practical way through this challenging period of their lives.

Q: What makes this Method so successful and unique?
A: The Method is so unique and successful because it is actionable. Taking positive action, little steps and knowing where you are heading to (a happy future) is an important part of getting through the hard time of a breakup, separation or divorce.

Q: With who can I share this free QuickStart download?
A: With everyone! Your family, friends, grown-up children, colleagues, boss, neighbors, libraries, communities, actually everyone who needs a boost and some great practical advice will be grateful that you share this information with them!



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