inspiring Websites/Programs

  • - The Positive Separation Method is coached in French by Sandrine Bartoli in Paris, France and worldwide online

  • - Coaching by Eva Fabius, empowering adults with the Positive Separation Method in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • - Coaching by Anastasia Frank, a deep and loving relationship coach who is passionate about helping her clients

  • - Inspiration from around the world founded by Arianna Huffington

  • - Jack Canfield: Maximize Your Potential

  • - The Miracle Zone with Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman: Get ready for a breakthrough in happiness, success, and abundance!

  • - Workshops, programs, and coaching with Katherine Woodward Thomas 

  • - Divorce Hotel: An innovative divorce concept where couples get divorced in a weekend in a positive and constructive way.

  • - The HeartMath Institute: Find out more about the coherence of your heart, and learn how simple meditations can help you become more balanced in stressful situations 

  • - John Gray: Coach and relationship expert for men and women

  • - Inspiration for speakers and leaders from Lisa Nichols

  • - Creative visualization training with Lisa Nichols 

  • - Beth Larsen, Certified High Performance Coach™, helping women move from simply surviving to beyond thriving in their career, relationships, and happiness

  • - Workshops and programs with Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood

  • - Kim Forcina: A coach for dreamers and creatives, offering support, strategy, and guidance for your creative projects and expressive spirit

  • - Dr. Elaine Aron: Information on Highly-Sensitive People and how they function in love and relationships

  • - Inspiration for becoming a true creator in your life from coach and thought leader Bryna Haynes

INspiring Information AROUND separation


✨100 Books of Happy Again! are sent from Amsterdam all over the world as the first Project of #ShareHappyAgain! and have arrived in India; Australia; New Zealand; Fiji; Ten Countries in Europe; Bermuda; South America, Canada and many States in the US. More news soon!

✨✨✨"The English speaking world can read Happy Again! - the translation of my Dutch best-seller Je Wordt Weer Gelukkig (You Will Be Happy Again) - being released October 16th 2018 by Morgan James Publishers, New York. Makes me happy to share😃

✨Happy Again! is available throughout the world - in Step 5 it is all about embracing your New Life - the colors of this wall of this beautiful tiny house on the Azores made me happy - yellow for warmth, white for the light, unknown and sparkling future and the wisdom of the Art of Positive Separation handed down by my (grand)parents, well known, self-help authors and clients ... In the book practical knowledge to make positive steps, day by day, until the future is ready to be embraced!✨