Are you in the middle of a breakup or divorce?

If so, you might be asking yourself, “Will I ever be happy again?”

The answer is a great, big “YES!” … but only if you choose it, and work at it.

Your happy future won’t magically appear. You have to create it. And that’s what this free QuickStart Guide is all about.

The QuickStart Guide to Your Happy Future

This Guide was created using excerpts from Happy Again! and is like a field guide to separation. In this guide, you’ll learn

  • The first steps you need to take to start on the road to your happy future.

  • How to create your Winning Team of friends, family, and professionals, so you always have someone to call on when things are challenging and you need a helping hand.

  • Simple practices to help you break free from your old life and start walking toward your new one while still respecting your children, family, and friends.

  • Eveline’s Do’s and Don’ts for people in separation.

  • Special tips for people with children.

In just minutes per day, you can get yourself on track to your happy future, and start feeling more energetic, excited, and empowered in your life!

More FAQ

Q: How much time does it take to use the Tools in the QuickStart Guide?

A: Most t ools take 15 minutes or so each day. A few (like creating your Winning Team) will take longer―but none will take more than 30-60 minutes. 


Q: How long will it take me to read this Guide?

A: Sit down with the Guide this evening or over the weekend, and take an hour or two to go through it from start to finish. Get to know the 7 Tools and plan our your daily tasks for the week. The more you know about the Positive Separation Method before you start, the more quickly you’ll begin to create your new, happy future!


Q: I’m not in the middle of a breakup right now, but I went through one a while ago. Can I still use this Guide?

A: Absolutely!  Your happy future starts right now―no matter where you’re standing. It’s really about making a choice for you, and there’s no better time than this moment!


Q: Does this download stand on its own, or do I need to read the book, too?

A: This download is useful all on its own! You do not have to purchase a copy of Happy Again! to get the benefits of this information. (The book does have more detail, compelling stories, and exercises, however, so if you want to go deeper with what you’re learning in the Guide, reading Happy Again! is a great next step. )


Q: Why do you need my email address for me to download the QuickStart Guide?

A: Simple! We want to know who’s downloading, and from where, so we can be friends! We will never sell, trade, or share your email address with anyone, ever. We also will not use it to sell you products or services (if we decide to offer courses or other products, we’ll be sharing it on social media, so you can look for it there). We may check in personally from time to time, especially if Eveline and #ShareHappyAgain will be in a city near you, but we will never clutter up your inbox with sales emails or offers.